Chapter 43: West River Forest (1)

Chapter 43: West River Forest (1)

“Ahead of you is Dragonfish Gorge. West River Forest is just past Dragonfish Gorge, and West Forest Town is just past that,” the owner of the boat said, sitting at the prow of the boat as he pointed in front of them.

“West River Forest? Is that the forest that has been here ever since ancient times? Apparently, it contains many ancient beasts and rare ingredients, but because it’s cursed, outsiders can’t go in easily?” Su Chen asked, also standing on the prow.

After nearly half a day on the boat, they had left Clear River City far behind. Su Chen had finished consolidating his Knowledge Sea, and his consciousness had returned to reality.

“That’s right!” The boat owner nodded. “That place is really demonic. There are a lot of people who want to go in and search for resources, but not many people return alive.”

“But very little means that some people returned...

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