Chapter 42: Knowledge Sea Consolidating

Chapter 42: Knowledge Sea Consolidating

Before leaving, Su Chen went and found Wang Wenxin.

Wang Wenxin appeared to belong to the Lai Clan, but in reality, he had already completely submitted to Su Chen. Not too long ago, Su Chen’s second iteration of the Hemolytic Totem had reached a breakthrough, and he had specifically told Wang Wenxin to choose a few of his trusted subordinates so that he could make some for them. The Hemolytic Totem 2.0 no longer required an individual cover their body with inscriptions; the Origin Skills it could support now, however, had increased to five.

Wang Wenxin had nominated three people to Su Chen, who immediately turned them into experts. Of course, he hadn’t given them any Shadow Substance. Even so, Wang Wenxin had completely given up any thought of resisting against Su Chen.

The consequences of doing so were all too clear to him. After all, Su Chen could basically create batches of experts...

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