Chapter 40: Coalition Meeting (2)

Chapter 40: Coalition Meeting (2)

2nd-tier Hero’s Medal!

This guy is one of the empire’s 2nd-tier heroes!?

Lai Wuyi’s words caused the gathered patriarchs to almost fall out of their chairs.

Obtaining a Hero’s Medal was extremely hard to do. Every person who was awarded one had their name recorded down, and they were deeply respected in the military.

It didn’t give someone any extra authority in name, but it came with a lot of invisible benefits.

For instance, anyone who dared to kill one of these heroes would be thoroughly investigated by the empire; they wouldn’t permit any sloppiness. This also made it a death-warding medal.

Another was that one would have extremely good relations with the army. The army always valued heroes, and those who had earned Hero’s Medals had made great contributions. No matter where they went, they would command extreme respect.

This was tradition, common practice, etiquette, and even faith!


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