Chapter 39: Coalition Meeting (1)

Chapter 39: Coalition Meeting (1)

The months and seasons flew by. In the blink of an eye, another year had passed. The weather was still beautiful.

In the Origin Qi Scholar era, Origin Energy was everything.

Anyone who controlled unnatural power could control the temperature, ensuring favorable weather for crops year after year.

Commoners could only endure the oppression by Origin Qi Scholars if there were no natural disasters occurring.

Because of this, many important figures would often hold a feast to share their surplus of natural resources during spring.

They would gather together during this time and distribute the resources, assign people to various missions, and analyze and deal with any past situations that had occurred.

In Clear River City, the Coalition Meeting, with the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans at the center of it all, was the replacement for such a feast.

The Wang Clan was responsible for hosting this year’s Coalition Meeting


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