Chapter 38: Slowly Solidifying a Foundation

Chapter 38: Slowly Solidifying a Foundation


A small pottery cup decorated with fish playing in the water and floral patterns had an intimate encounter with a slab of obsidian, shattering into pieces.

Lai Wuyi’s expression was extremely cloudy.

Even though he was already two hundred years old, Lai Wuyi had preserved his middle-aged appearance, and he was quite energetic.

When this energy transformed into rage, however, it was exceptionally frightening.

“SU CHEN!” Lai Wuya growled, gritting his teeth.

“Father, things are a bit troublesome right now. After Wang Wenxin took control of the Long Clear Gang, the first thing he did was come to find me and ask me for help in settling the matter. He said that if we didn’t settle it quickly, Su Chen would exterminate every last one of them.”

“I know. I heard Su Chen wants Wang Wenxin to hand over the perpetrators of the murder within a certain period of time?”

“Yes,” Lai Tianli said. “Wang Wenxin has already found the culprits, but he hasn’t handed them over...

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