Chapter 37: Washing the Dock with Blood (3)

Chapter 37: Washing the Dock with Blood (3)

The shadowy flaming fist slammed into the White Phosphorus Snake’s body with a frightening amount of power.

The image of the White Phosphorus Snake was incinerated by the torrent of flames.

The dark flames rolled forwards in waves as if a volcano had erupted, threatening to exterminate all life nearby.

Li Yue yelled in shock when he saw this. An instant later, the black flames had already reached him.

He knew that his situation wasn’t good. His White Phosphorus Snake Bloodline exploded with power, the resulting shocking howl sounding like the wails of a thousand ghosts.

The massive White Phosphorus Snake appeared again and spat out a stream of poisonous energy at the Shadow Flame Giant that seemed to be able to corrode everything.

The Shadow Flame Giant howled and continued to strike out. As Su Chen’s newest, most powerful Origin Skill, the Shadow Flame Giant wasn’t a one-use Origin Skill. As long...

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