Chapter 36: Washing the Dock with Blood (2)

Chapter 36: Washing the Dock with Blood (2)

By the time Li Yue managed to charge onto the scene with the rest of the Long Clear Gang members, everything was in complete disorder, and corpses were littered everywhere.

“Su Chen, you dare!”

Upon seeing this scene, Li Yue’s eyes became bloodshot.

The Clear River Dock was the Long Clear Gang’s most important source of revenue. It was a foundational location for them. Because of this, those responsible for guarding this place were also Li Yue’s most trusted and capable underlings.

Now, all of his trusted aids had been taken out in one fell swoop by Su Chen.

Su Chen stood on the bloody dock and laughed coldly as he stared at the Long Clear Gang leader, “Shouldn’t I be saying that? Li Yue, you are quite bold to dare kill Liu Jiyun, an official of the Origin Bureau. Killing a government official is equivalent...

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