Chapter 35: Washing the Dock with Blood (1)

Chapter 35: Washing the Dock with Blood (1)

“Attack!” As Su Chen shouted out his command, all of the Origin Bureau’s officials and the Blood-Robed Guards yelled in response and charged at the Long River Gang.

“Su Chen, you bastard, do you dare!” Lu Tianyang was stunned.

Su Chen really made a move as soon as he said he would.

Lu Tianyang knew the situation wasn’t good. There was no point in saying anything else; all he could do was fight back. With a loud yell, a berserk aura suddenly began to surge from his body, and the image of a massive black bear appeared behind him.

Lu Tianyang’s background was of low status. He had only reached this point by brute fighting. He knew that his cultivation wouldn’t take him too far, so he had accepted his fate. While in the Qi Drawing Realm, he had chosen the Cliff Bear Bloodline, which coincidentally was the animal whose strength was used as a benchmark...

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