Chapter 34: Beginning the Battle

Chapter 34: Beginning the Battle

The Clear River Dock.

This was the busiest place in all of Clear River City.

Because Clear River City was far away and the route to get there was difficult, all commerce was basically done via the Long Clear River. The Long Clear River was basically the city’s lifeline.

The Clear River Dock was the busiest area in the entire city for this reason. Every day, many ships would drop off large shipments of goods, allowing many commoners and peddlers to make their living here.

The streets near the docks had always been the place where criminals would gather and proliferate unchecked.

The Long Clear Gang controlled the docks and even named themselves after the Long Clear River. Obviously, they placed a lot of importance on the docks. And because they controlled these docks, the Long Clear Gang stood above the rest of the criminal organizations. They...

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