Chapter 32: Investigation

Chapter 32: Investigation

After leaving the City Head’s residence, Su Chen headed for West Water Street.

It was almost noon already. The road was bustling with traffic.

One of the Origin Bureau’s martial artists pointed to a corner of the West Water Street and said, “That’s where Sir Liu perished.”

A toothless old lady was currently sitting and selling bean curds at where he was pointing.

The Investigations Office’s handling of this quite important matter was lazy, to say the least.

Su Chen asked, “You personally witnessed the victim’s death?”

The martial artist was startled. “How could I have seen it? The Investigations Office reported that to us.”

“So everything you know about the situation is just hearsay?”

“Yes, sir!”

Su Chen walked back and forth along that section of the road. The old lady thought that Su Chen wanted to buy bean curds, and she stared intently at Su Chen...

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