Chapter 31: Retaliation

Chapter 31: Retaliation

Early in the morning, Su Chen was still eating breakfast when he suddenly felt the jade ornament hanging at his waist heating up as it glowed with a bright red light.

This was the emergency communicator given by the Origin Bureau. Anyone who received the call would need to go to the Origin Bureau at once.

Did something happen?

Su Chen calmly ate his last bite of breakfast before wiping his mouth. “Iron Cliff, prepare the carriage. We’re going to the Origin Bureau.”

When Su Chen arrived, a majority of the Origin Qi Scholars had already arrived.

Upon seeing Su Chen, they bowed in unison. “Greetings, Knowledge Executor!”

Even though Su Chen spent most of his time in his research lab, he would still come to the Origin Bureau at least once a day to keep his control over the Origin Bureau. At this point, he was familiar with everyone who worked here.

“What happened?” Su Chen said as he walked over. However, he immediately discovered the reason for the summons.

As the crowd parted, he found a corpse lying within the main hall.

The deceased person was called Liu Jiyun. He was one of the Origin Qi Scholars at the Origin Bureau. He wasn’t very strong, with a cultivation base only at the Qi Drawing Realm, but he had been one of the first individuals to openly support Su Chen. He could be considered to have been Su Chen’s trusted...

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