Chapter 30: Solution

Chapter 30: Solution

Even though he was repeatedly urged to stay, Chen Shu still bid farewell under the guise of developing a solution.

If at all possible, Long Qingjiang really wanted to capture Doctor Chen, but because he said that he needed to go and search for medicinal ingredients, he could only let Doctor Chen go.

Before leaving, Long Qingjiang sent him off graciously with a hundred taels of gold and repeatedly urged him to return after twenty days. He also secretly sent someone to follow him and keep an eye on him.

However, the person who was sent to keep an eye on Doctor Chen discovered very quickly that his target had disappeared. He could only return resentfully, and there was no doubt that he was going to be beaten by Long Qingjiang in a fit of rage.

After leaving the Long Clan, Chen Shu found an isolated place and took off his mask. Who else would it be if not Su Chen.

After changing his clothes, Su Chen...

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