Chapter 29: Saving a Life

Chapter 29: Saving a Life

Upon returning to the Su Palace, Chief Steward Lao was already there, waiting.

He hurried over to Su Chen and bowed in greeting. “Hello, Knowledge Executor Su.”

“Mm.” Su Chen didn’t try to be courteous and accepted his greeting. He went to his seat and said, “Iron Cliff, go and bring Miss Lian out.”

“Yes!” Iron Cliff obeyed his command.

A moment later, Lian Jiao was brought out by Iron Cliff.

Upon seeing Lian Jiao, Chief Steward Lao said excitedly, “Your servant greets Young Miss! Young Miss, how have you been getting by these past few days?”

Confusion was written all over Lian Jiao’s face. “These past few days? How long have I been here for? How come I don’t remember?”

“What?” Chief Steward Lao was stunned. He turned aroung and gazed at Su Chen angrily. “Knowledge Executor Su, what did you do to my clan’s Young Miss?”

“Nothing much. I just wiped away her memories of what happened...

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