Chapter 28: Battle on the Stone Bridge

Chapter 28: Battle on the Stone Bridge

The carriage advanced along the main street steadily.

A group of guards, dressed in either black or red, surrounded the carriage as it slowly proceeded.

The black-clothed guards were the Origin Bureau’s martial artists, while the red-clothed guards were naturally the Blood-Robed Guards.

“Stop the carriage,” Su Chen said when the carriage had come to a stone bridge.

The carriage came to a stop. Su Chen walked out from inside the carriage and gazed at the stone bridge.

A person was standing there.

Wei Liancheng.

He was standing on the bridge with his hands clasped behind his back as he watched the swimming fish beneath the bridge. Above his head hung fiery-red willow branches.

When Su Chen appeared, Wei Liancheng turned around and glanced at him, then smiled slightly.

He said, “Knowledge Executor Su, in the two days we haven’t seen each other, your presence seems to have become much more prevalent. This extravagance is much greater than it was before.”

“There’s nothing I can do. The...

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