Chapter 27: Banquet

Chapter 27: Banquet


On that night, the sounds of celebration were unceasing from the City Lord’s residence.

News of the Origin Bureau’s sudden shift in power had spread throughout Clear River City in a day. Basically, anyone and everyone who had some kind of power in Clear River City heard about it.

Everyone knew what it meant for there to be a celebration at this time in the City Lord’s residence.

Thus, the invited guests came thick and fast, giving An Siyuan their congratulations.

Of course, An Siyuan couldn’t say that he had thrown this celebration because the Origin Bureau was under his control again; as such, he used the excuse that it was his concubine’s birthday.

The wave of guests was unceasing. The din of laughter and conversation, as well as the sounds of nonstop congratulations, echoed throughout...

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