Chapter 26: Regiments

Chapter 26: Regiments

Within the City Lord’s residence.

“From this day onwards, the Origin Bureau will go under the name of ‘An’...... Hahahaha, well said!” An Siyuan laughed as he rubbed his bald head.

Then, he stood up vigorously and said, “The Origin Bureau’s Liu Wuya colluded with the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans, turning a perfectly good Origin Bureau into a lawless place. Now that Su Chen has killed Liu Wuya and cleaned the place up, the Origin Bureau belongs to us now. He took care of that matter brilliantly.”

The scholar behind An Siyuan spoke. “City Lord is right. Su Chen took care of that matter brilliantly. However, this whole ordeal isn’t over quite yet.”

“Mm, you mean to say......”

“As the Knowledge Executor, Su Chen is currently the acting commander of the Origin Bureau. This is fine for the short-term, but the situation might change in the long run. As such, we still need to quickly...

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