Chapter 24: Tidying Up

Chapter 24: Tidying Up

After leaving the main road, the carriage didn’t return to the Su Palace. Instead, it continued onwards into the city, heading for the Origin Bureau.

Cao Zhengjun hurried forward to greet him. Upon seeing that it was Su Chen, he said hurriedly, “Knowledge Executor Su? How do you have time to come here?”

“I’m the Knowledge Executor of the Origin Bureau. Do I not have the right to come here?” Su Chen said as he headed quickly for the main hall.

Cao Zhengjun followed closely behind. “Sir Su, don’t put it like that. How could I restrict you, sir? It’s just that if you wanted something done, you only need to tell me; you didn’t need to come here personally.” His forehead was already glistening with sweat.

He knew Liu Wuya had sold Su Chen out, and he also knew what was supposed to happen today.

That was why he was so frightened upon seeing Su Chen arrive...

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