Chapter 23: Backup

Chapter 23: Backup


The iron-like fist penetrated Liu Wuya’s throat, slicing easily through his neck and then exploding.

Raging Inferno Fist!

A powerful surge of energy burst forth in Liu Wuya’s wound. As blood gushed everywhere, a head flew into the air. Su Chen reached out, and an air tentacle wrapped around Liu Wuya’s head and brought it into Su Chen’s hands.

Even if Liu Wuya was in the Light Shaking Realm, he would be dead without a head, much less in the Yang Opening Realm.

Liu Wuya’s corpse toppled over, shocking Long Qingjiang completely.

“You......” He stared at Su Chen in anger before launching a palm strike at Su Chen.

The palm strike seemed to swallow up the sky as its momentum grew to an unprecedented degree.

This was the strength of someone...

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