Chapter 22: Exchange

Chapter 22: Exchange

Su Gaoye returned to the Long Clan with Su Chen’s requests.

After sending Su Gaoye away, Su Chen also met with Chief Steward Lao. After a brief period of discussion, Chief Steward Lao returned to his clan, satisfied.

Both of them believed that they were the quickest to meet with Su Chen, and the conditions Su Chen had posed weren’t too extravagant. After finishing their mission, both of the Chief Stewards let out sighs of relief.

On the Long Clan’s side.

As for why Su Chen wanted Wei Liancheng, Long Qingjiang didn’t understand.

But after thinking about it for a bit, he agreed to that condition as well.

After all, Wei Liancheng was just one of the guards of the Long Clan. Handing him over was better than allowing Su Chen to access their private library.

The time was set for evening two days out because Wei Liancheng was out escorting a cargo load and...

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