Chapter 21: Negotiations

Chapter 21: Negotiations

Two days later.

Within the Su Residence’s Main Hall

“...... We’ve listed out all of our requirements above.”

Su Gaoye watched Su Chen as he spoke, his head slightly tilted up and a self-confident smile on his face.

He had practiced this smile in front of a mirror for nearly two days. It was neither too servile nor too overbearing; it both gave Su Chen enough face and didn’t tarnish the grace that the ten great Bloodline Nobility Clans should have.

“So the Lian Clan is the same, then?”

Su Chen turned around to glance at Chief Steward Lao.

Chief Steward Lau laughed, “The Ten Great Bloodline Nobility Clans advance and retreat together. Naturally, the conditions are the same.”

“Advance and retreat together?” The corners of Su Chen’s mouth quirked up in a disdainful smile.

Then, he said unhurriedly, “Since both Chief Stewards have already...

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