Chapter 20: Shadow Flames

Chapter 20: Shadow Flames

Where the light was, there would also be darkness.

There was no lack of criminal organizations within Clear River City.

The criminals here were mostly waterfront gangs. There were ten major gangs, including the Green Snake Organization; each one was allied with a Bloodline Nobility Clan, forming a complete network of mutual benefit.

Even though these criminal groups couldn’t be considered a true military force, one had to admit that they still carried a significant amount of heft.

When these criminal organizations gathered together, they were absolutely a force to be reckoned with.

When factoring in each major clan’s servants, bodyguards, guests, and soldiers, their influence was even more formidable.

An Siyuan wanted to break the stalemate between government and nobility, but he was worried that his luck would run out if he messed it up. As such, all...

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