Chapter 19: Reception

Chapter 19: Reception

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.”

Zhou Hong entered the room and knelt down in front of Su Chen. “Young Master, the Lian and Long Clan’s Chief Stewards have both left, but they left a large number of subordinates behind to surveil this place.”

“Oh,” Su Chen replied as he shook the flask in his hand carefully. The brown liquid bubbled gently within the vial, constantly emitting hot air.

Zhou Hong glanced at the focused Su Chen and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, why didn’t you agree to meet them? Didn’t you capture their young masters so that you could negotiate with them?”

“Of course we will have to negotiate, but not now,” Su Chen replied.

He poured out the liquid in the vial, slowly pouring it out evenly on a stone tablet he had prepared. The liquid...

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