Chapter 18: Refusing To Meet

Chapter 18: Refusing To Meet

“Six Blood Boiling Realm cultivators, fourteen Qi Drawing Realm cultivators, and a hundred Body Tempering martial artists had him surrounded and the exits closed off, yet he still got away? And not only did he get away, but he also took my son and Lian Ao’s daughter with him?” Long Qingjiang asked calmly, sitting in the main hall of the Long Clan’s palace.

He tapped his jade-like finger on the lacquered armrest, generating a resounding noise that seemed to echo in Sang Maoyuan’s heart.

He knelt on the ground and replied, “Yes. Su Chen used a king of fog medicine that obstructed our vision, and it was difficult to disperse. He then took advantage of the chaos and escaped.”

Long Qingjiang squinted his eyes. He thought for a long moment before asking, “This person...... what is his...

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