Chapter 16: New Experiments

Chapter 16: New Experiments

In the front courtyard of the Su Residence.

A large group of people wearing guardsmen uniforms stood in neat rows, drilling under Iron Cliff’s direction. These were the bandits that Su Chen had captured previously.





Everyone moved in unison following Iron Cliff’s forceful yells.

If those who were familiar with how they were in the past saw this scene, they would be so shocked that their jaws would probably hit the ground.

A group of undisciplined, unorganized bandits had been trained into a neat, orderly group in a very short period of time. One had to admit that this was nothing short of a miracle.

Even so, Iron Cliff wasn’t satisfied at all. He would yell in between his orders, “More force! Your punches need to be more forceful! Have you not eaten? Don’t think that it’s enough just...

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