Chapter 13: Consciousness Strengthening

Chapter 13: Consciousness Strengthening

Su Chen breathed in deeply, allowing his shock to slowly subside.

Finally, Su Chen said, “Is that so? That’s truly a pity. Who knows if there are still even any Arcana Race individuals still with Origin Blood left in them. If I could find one and pluck out their Origin Energy Eyes and use them for myself, that would be best.”

Because his emotional state was still turbulent, Su Chen accidentally made a small mistake - he called those microscopic eyes his Origin Energy Eyes out of habit.

Patelocke didn’t notice this. He shook his head, “I don’t think there are still any Arcana Race individuals with Origin Blood still in them. The famous ones have all died; otherwise, any one of them could bring massive changes to the structure of this world. Think about it - the Bloodline Extraction Instrument, the Origin Energy Temple, the Consciousness Converter Instrument, Sark’s...

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