Chapter 12: Microscopic Eye

Chapter 12: Microscopic Eye

“Patelocke, have you seen this before?” Su Chen asked, now back in the laboratory in his residence.

Patelocke inspected the metal block and exclaimed in shock, “These are very intricate Origin Formation Inscriptions. They carry an aura I’m familiar with, but there’s something different about it.”

“Are you saying this is an ancient artifact?”

“No! I’m certain it’s not,” Patelocke replied. “There’s a lot of technology in here that wasn’t around during the time of the Arcana Kingdom.”

Compared to Su Chen, Patelocke was much clearer about what technology existed during the Arcana Kingdom. After returning to the main world for a year, he was already beginning to understand the current situation and its development.

Thus, he said, “This is the result of the combination of a contemporary...

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