Chapter 8: Dispute

Chapter 8: Dispute

After leaving the Origin Bureau, Su Chen wasn’t in any hurry to return. He went on a leisurely walk around the street.

Clear River was not a large city, but the soil was quite fertile, so the civilians lived quite peaceful lives. Because of the clear river running through the city, trade was convenient, so the market was also pretty busy.

As Su Chen walked, he could hear many vendors hawking their wares. What shocked him was the fact that some were actually selling Origin Qi Scholar level ingredients.

Even though they were relatively common medicinal herbs like the Golden-Horned Chestnut or the Eight-Leaf Laurel, it was rare for them to appear in the hands of commoners. No wonder people said that the Crow Region was rich in natural resources; indeed, many different medicinal herbs grew and originated here.

Because this was origin and they...

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