Chapter 7: Origin Bureau

Chapter 7: Origin Bureau

The Origin Bureau was on the southern road of Clear River City.

The carriage progressed steadily. After arriving at the Origin Bureau, Su Chen disembarked the carriage and handed over his letter. Very quickly, someone came to show him in.

The person greeting Su Chen was a steward called Cao Zhengjun. He wasn’t an Origin Qi Scholar; he was a genuine steward, and he said to Su Chen after they had introduced themselves, “Prince Su, from now on you will be the Knowledge Executor at the Clear River Origin Bureau. Normally, you would need to meet City Head Liu first to take office, but City Head Liu left two days ago to take care of business and isn’t in the bureau right now, so you’ll have to meet him next time.”

“No worries. Once City Head Liu comes back I’ll make a visit.”

“Since that’s the case, sir, I might as well introduce you to some of the...

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