Chapter 6: Demons Sending Babies

Chapter 6: Demons Sending Babies

“Did they say why they wanted to buy this residence?”

Su Chen sat in his spot in a private study and asked Li Shu.

“Apparently, the Long Clan’s Young Master wanted it. He said that the whole ‘demons sending babies’ thing only affected women, not men, so he would buy it so that men could live there first. Perhaps if that demon were to leave, he could then remodel the residence and make a huge profit.”

“That seems to make sense. But is he not afraid of this at all? It does have to do with evil spirits, after all. They might leave, but they might also change their way of doing things and begin to stuff babies inside the stomachs of men, right?” Su Chen asked.

Li Shu laughed, “Yes, that’s what I thought as well. If that weren’t the case, why would the Li Clan give...

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