Chapter 188: Choice

Chapter 188: Choice

Shi Kaihuang sat next to the peaceful lake, fishing.

Of course, he was fishing with a line made of Origin Energy as always. A stick of incense was burning next to him; even as he was entertaining himself, he was cultivating.

Su Chen approached Shi Kaihuang and stood next to him. “Instructor, you wanted to see me?”

Shi Kaihuang opened his muddy eyes and stared out at the lake as he said, “Do you remember? That year, it was here that you kowtowed to me as your instructor.”

Upon hearing this, Su Chen laughed, “Yes, your disciple remembers. I really was so frivolous back then. I thought that I could gain Instructor’s approval just with a bit of talent. Thankfully, Instructor gave me a verbal beating, waking me up from my stupor.”

“Ten years,” Shi Kaihuang sighed. “Ten years have gone by in the blink of an eye; time really has flown by. In...

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