Chapter 187: Flowing Jade Smoke

Chapter 187: Flowing Jade Smoke

After returning to the Hidden Dragon Institute, Su Chen resumed his previous manner of living. Every day, he threw himself into performing all kinds of different experiments.

Of course, one difference this time was that Gu Qingluo was now by his side.

Every day at dusk, Gu Qingluo would go to the Origin Energy Tower and keep him company, further deepening their understanding of one another.

From this aspect, Su Chen was a terrible boyfriend. Gu Qingluo was almost always the one taking the initiative; Su Chen was always buried in his research.

This had a lot to do with the instruction that Shi Kaihuang had given him when he was still a new student.

That time, Su Chen had vowed to break through the bloodline restrictions for Gu Qingluo’s sake. It was Shi Kaihuang who had forced him...

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