Chapter 186: Origin Substance

Chapter 186: Origin Substance

“What?? You chose a pile of crappy rocks as one of your treasures?” Wang Doushan yelled in shock, his eyes wide.

They had returned to the Origin Tower.

At the time, Wang Doushan couldn’t help but wonder what Su Chen had chosen for his three treasures after working so hard to obtain first place.

However, neither the spirit tablet nor the Golden Scripture Art directly increased his strength. The last “treasure” was even worse - he had picked a pile of useless rocks.

A wide smile covered Su Chen’s face as if he had gotten a great bargain.

He said, “Did you know? It’s immensely satisfying for other peoples’ trash to become my treasures. I can turn things that most people consider worthless into necessities, giving me a value that most people cannot attain.”

Patelocke, who was inside the spirit...

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