Chapter 185: Rewards Based On Merit

Chapter 185: Rewards Based On Merit

That evening, the human camp threw a massive celebration in the name of Su Chen and the others. Many of the officers and soldiers took turns pouring drinks for them. Normally, as Origin Qi Scholars, they could easily neutralize the alcohol; however, the troops brought out wine brewed from spirit medicines, strengthening the alcohol content. Su Chen ended up dead drunk.

This was the second time in his life that he had gotten drunk, and he awoke with the same splitting headache as last time.

Upon leaving his tent, he was greeted by the sight of soldiers training, yells and shouts filling the air.

Su Chen went to take a closer look out of curiosity. Every soldier possessed a powerful physique, and the soldiers were all at the peak of Body Tempering.

The troops were usually separated by ranks. Apart from a few elite ranks, Body Tempering realm individuals were usually soldiers, while...

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