Chapter 184: Returning Favors

Chapter 184: Returning Favors

Gold River Basin.

The human and Ferocious Race armies stood opposite each other, the pile of rubble in between them.

Xiao Feinan stood not far from the pile of rubble, his expression solemn.

Not long before this, one of his Origin Formations masters had informed him that the void space of the ruins had experienced a massive fluctuation of energy, drastically decreasing the stability of the space. The ruins were collapsing rapidly, indicating that the expedition was going to end today. He had been standing there solemnly and alertly since early that morning.

The Ferocious Race wasn’t nearly as informed as the humans about the situation in the ruins, but they had their own way of figuring things out - by keeping a close eye on the humans.

Once Xiao Feinan appeared on the basin, Mo Lihan also appeared.

Very quickly, the space above the pile of...

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