Chapter 183: Submission

Chapter 183: Submission

While Pi Yuanhong and Lonter were locked in a fierce battle, Su Chen was walking the dog.

Yes, he was walking the dog!

The spirit tablet flew back and forth through the air, Patelocke yelling and screaming as if he were bungee-jumping. The Purple-Scaled Beast chased constantly after the spirit tablet, running back and forth as if it were on a leash.

The Purple-Scaled Beast wasn’t stupid, but the imprinted orders left behind on its bloodline gave it no other choice.

While the Purple-Scaled Beast had no choice, however, Patelocke did.

Patelocke, who didn’t want to be thrown around in the air any longer, yelled angrily, “Enough! Stop it all!”

As he yelled, an invisible wave of consciousness energy washed over the Purple-Scaled Beast and Su Chen.

However, the Purple-Scaled Beast reared back and let out an angry howl. Patelocke’s will was not able to control the Purple-Scaled Demonic Beast.

He had never been skilled at controlling other lifeforms. He only began studying it once he was...

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