Chapter 182: The Last Temple Warrior

Chapter 182: The Last Temple Warrior

This punch had been sneakily aimed at Su Chen with the intent of taking his life.

Just as Ji Ruoyu yelled, Su Chen had already reacted.

He didn’t turn around. Instead, he immediately charged forwards, simultaneously tossing up the spirit tablet into the air.

As the spirit tablet was tossed into the air, Patelocke’s figure flew along with it, yelling frantically all the while.

The Purple-Scaled Beast angrily howled as it charged forwards. It wanted to catch the stone tablet before it hit the ground.

Su Chen, the Demonic Beast, and Danba were destined to collide with each other because of the spirit board.

A moment later.


A large cloud of dust flew into the air. Two figures simultaneously shot backward.

It was Su Chen and Danba.

“AWOO!” The Purple-Scaled Beast stood in the middle of the collision as it let out a regal bellow.

In this exchange of blows, the Purple-Scaled Beast had evidently come out on top.

However, the spirit tablet’s movement was affected because of this. No one caught it, and it spiraled...

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