Chapter 180: Beast Spirit Controllers

Chapter 180: Beast Spirit Controllers

Patelocke’s expression finally changed.

He made a final, stubborn attempt to resist. “I just used a few consciousness-related techniques. I’m not capable of actually harming you.”

Su Chen coldly laughed, “You may be only able to use consciousness-related techniques, but that doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of harming us. In fact, apart from your transformation and your proficiency in our language, I know of at least one more method that you’re using to deal with us. Do you dare say that you haven’t?”

Patelocke froze.

Duan Jiangshan and Ji Ruoyu glanced at Su Chen. “What else did he do?”

“Of course it’s that!” Su Chen pointed at the wall off in the distance. “I said earlier that something that was immortal and had an insatiable appetite was a lie made up by him, so what’s the deal with this image of Patelocke’s Nightmare, then? Do you dare deny that this isn’t an illusory image you created?”

As he spoke, he suddenly unleashed a powerful strike.

The fist slammed into the transparent wall.


Amidst the massive rumble,...

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