Chapter 178: Jailor

Chapter 178: Jailor

This sudden voice gave everyone quite a fright.

Everyone simultaneously turned around. Those with weapons drew them, while those without weapons gathered their Origin Energy. Whether one had a weapon or not, everyone was preparing for a fight.

But when they turned to face the direction the voice had come from, they discovered the speaker wasn’t an actual person.

Not far away from them was a stone table. On that stone table was a slab of seemingly unassuming gray rock. Both the stone table and the rock were covered in beautiful, intricate carvings, and they radiated an incredibly profound aura.

In that moment, a hologram of a person was floating above the stone table.

He wore the Arcana Race’s typical magic robes and held a three-headed serpentine staff in his hands. He wasn’t too tall, and his eyes were a deep blue. Without question, he was an Arcana Race member.

“What’s going on?” Everyone approached the stone table cautiously.

Su Chen glanced at the stone slab and then the table, noticing that the carvings on the stone table extended all the way into the ground and then continued radiating...

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