Chapter 177: Crystal Ball

Chapter 177: Crystal Ball

As they walked through the labyrinth of glassware and continued to advance, they saw a massive research workbench in front of them.

The workbench was covered in all kinds of research equipment. Based on the quality of the research equipment, this was definitely an Arcana Master’s workstation.

“Thousand Degree Meter, Eight Minute Ruler, Origin Energy Mirror, Desiccation Needle...... Ha, they really have the good stuff.” Su Chen was excited by what he saw.

Many of these instruments were things that Su Chen had always wanted but had never been able to obtain. In fact, some of them had completely disappeared after the destruction of the Arcana Kingdom.

Upon seeing Su Chen’s excited appearance, Ji Ruoyu sighed and shook his head, “I have no way of understanding this guy’s eye for...

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