Chapter 175: Dark Black Puppets

Chapter 175: Dark Black Puppets

Even though they were pressed for time, Su Chen didn’t forget to look for bookshelves.

Two air tentacles surrounded him wherever he walked. They looked like two long tails, but they grabbed every book that Su Chen passed by and put them into his Origin Ring as if they had eyes. Even the scraps of paper on the ground didn’t go unnoticed.

Su Chen’s insatiable thirst for knowledge rendered everyone else speechless.

However, they weren’t much better themselves.

Precious herbs, rare metals, Ancient Arcana Techniques, Origin Tools, mannequins - if they could be taken, they were taken regardless of whether they were useful or not.

Ji Ruoyu plundered as he yelled, “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

Even though he knew that these resources wouldn’t belong to him, he felt extremely excited just by thinking about the contribution points...

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