Chapter 174: Plunder (2)

Chapter 174: Plunder (2)

Su Chen stowed away the diary, then walked out of that room and went into another.

The research lab was huge and had many rooms. Su Chen searched them one by one, looking for all the books he could find and taking them regardless of whether they were useful or not.

Upon arriving at one of the rooms, Su Chen discovered to his delight that it was actually a library filled to the brim with books.

In this day and age, it was very difficult to find ancient Arcana records, particularly those that had been completely preserved.

After flipping through a few of them, Su Chen discovered that most of the books were expositions on the fundamental theories of Origin Energy.

These theories weren’t anything like Origin Skills. They wouldn’t increase a person’s strength in the slightest. Rather, it was an analysis of the natural world and, more specifically, Origin Energy. These books would allow a person to gain a deeper understanding of Origin Energy as well as any ensuing...

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