Chapter 173: Plunder (1)

Chapter 173: Plunder (1)

Ji Ruoyu hugged Pi Yuanhong tightly as he rolled on the ground.

He rolled seven or eight times before looking up and realizing that he had been ambushed by a steel puppet.

The puppet’s opening strike hadn’t landed, but its fist came crashing down towards Su Chen. Su Chen quickly dodged to the side. The iron fist slammed into the metal wall with a resounding clang.

Su Chen gestured, and a strengthened Erupting Firehawk slammed into the metal puppet, the force from the blow sending the puppet flying.

A cast of Erupting Firehawks flew forth in rapid succession, slamming into the metal puppet’s body and exploding in a brilliant display of fireworks.

The iron puppet wasn’t weak; it was roughly equivalent in strength to an average Blood Boiling...

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