Chapter 172: In Full Swing

Chapter 172: In Full Swing


The blustering explosion of energy released a colorful display of light.

The entire sky was instantly filled with multicolored light, glimmering like a massive rainbow.

Then, Su Chen suddenly discovered that the sky was spinning, as was the earth.

The whole world seemed to be in flux.

It was as if something was stretching, expanding, and dilating.

This was the mountain flattening and the void stretching. The scene felt surreal, and it was as if they were riding on the shoulders of a massive person who had been asleep for a long time.

Ye Qiming unleashed a punch towards a Ferocious Race youth’s face. The blow was about to land when he suddenly discovered that his reach was much too short. Even though they seemed close together, it was as if they were separated by a massive...

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