Chapter 171: Team Battle (2)

Chapter 171: Team Battle (2)


Cloud Leopard shot forward with astounding speed, closing in on the spear-wielding Temple Warrior. The Temple Warrior stabbed the spear in his direction.

Cloud Leopard’s figure suddenly changed directions, leaving behind a blurry afterimage as he continued to advance. After closing in on the Temple Warrior, Cloud Leopard unleashed 128 palm strikes, utilizing the frenzy medicine to its greatest advantage. If it weren’t for the fact that he had also ingested a strengthened Recovery Medicine, this onslaught of attacks might have shattered his own elbow.

The Ferocious Race youth knew that he was in trouble. He had no time to defend with his spear, so he could only dodge, simultaneously retaliating with a number of palm strikes of his own.

The palms collided in midair, causing miniature explosions of energy upon impact that were like constant...

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