Chapter 170: Team Battle (1)

Chapter 170: Team Battle (1)

“Prepare for battle!”

Following He Yuandong’s command, all of the students hastily assumed a battle formation.

The originally casual, relaxed atmosphere was instantly replaced with tension and anxiety.


The Ferocious Race youths howled with rage.

They didn’t waste time talking or negotiating. As soon as both sides saw each other, the battle began.

The Ferocious Race youths charged towards their opponents in a frenzy, the inscriptions on their bodies beginning to shine brilliantly as they advanced.


Once the first few Ferocious Race youths arrived, a wave of energy surged forth with a loud bang.

Wave after wave of Origin Energy was released, generating a massive amount of pressure as they pressed onwards relentlessly.

The barbaric warcries caused the ground beneath their feet to tremble. Immediately afterwards, one Ferocious Race youth covered in inscriptions after another charged out of the forest and began to attack the humans with reckless abandon.

There were no formations or tactics involved. The Ferocious Race’s attacks were just that:...

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