Chapter 169: Deep in the Mountains (2)

Chapter 169: Deep in the Mountains (2)

Forcefully breaking down the Origin Formations greatly increased the students’ efficiency in advancing up the mountain.

Jiang Hanfeng would discover where the Origin Formations were, and Ling Yan would determine their strength. As long as it was of fifth-tier strength or below, they would rely on Feng Yigu’s powerful defense to forcefully activate the Origin Formations.

If they ran into stronger Origin Formations, they would activate it at a distance if possible; otherwise, they would take an alternate route. They would rather take a long detour than face them head-on.

However, a new situation quickly appeared.

After blasting their way through a number of Origin Formations, Feng Yigu arrived at another Origin Formation.

However, the Origin Formation didn’t activate this time.

Feng Yigu, who had already made his preparations to deal with the oncoming blast, just stood there and waited; however, nothing happened.

He looked back a little sheepishly and yelled, “Why isn’t it exploding? What should I do?”

Jiang Hanfeng and the others also looked at each other.

He Yuandong asked, “You’re sure that there’s an Origin Formation there?”

Jiang Hanfeng nodded. “Yes. It’s of 5th-tier...

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