Chapter 168: Deep in the Mountains (1)

Chapter 168: Deep in the Mountains (1)

The flames from the battle had yet to dissipate. Dense smoke was dispersed throughout the forest.

In this quiet, calm-seeming forest, dangers were hidden everywhere.

No one dared to let down their guard, carefully scanning their surroundings for anything that might jump out.

He Yuandong and Cloud Leopard glanced at each other. Cloud Leopard stepped out of the group and walked some distance forward. After some time, he turned around and shook his head at He Yuandong, indicating that there were no more hidden Vicious Beasts in the area.

He Yuandong sighed with relief and said, “Let’s keep the formation the same and advance like this. Wei Yang, Jiang Hanfeng, Ma Xuan, and Yan Ling, you guys step out of the formation and deal with the Origin Formations. Leopard, you take...

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