Chapter 167: Sudden Attack

Chapter 167: Sudden Attack


It was unknown who yelled out the warning. Immediately after, countless attacks began to be unleashed.

They couldn’t see anything, but it didn’t matter. As long as they unleashed attacks at their surroundings, that would be good enough.

Waves of Origin Energy surged like a tide, charging forth vigorously. Immediately after, the sky was filled with pained roars. No one knew how many Vicious Beasts were charging in their direction.

But based on the sound, it didn’t seem like they were low in number.

At this moment, Cloud Leopard’s warnings were of no use because the Vicious Beasts were everywhere.

Wang Doushan’s expression shifted. “Dammit, what’s with these Vicious Beasts? Could they be cooperating with the Origin Formations?”

“I don’t know either!” Wei Yang yelled. “That shouldn’t be the case!”

“Forget about whether it should be happening or not; we have a battle to fight! Protect Ruoyu, Zhao Xin, and the others!” Su Chen growled.

Strengthened Erupting Firehawk after Strengthened Erupting Firehawk began to take shape.

Even though he couldn’t see,...

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