Chapter 166: Assaulting the Mountain

Chapter 166: Assaulting the Mountain

As soon as they said that they were going to do it, they began to make their preparations.

Since they had already decided to go to the mountain in the north, Su Chen, He Yuandong, and Qi Weiyan held a short meeting before gathering everyone to head to the mountain.

That evening, after everyone who had gone out had returned, He Yuandong directed everyone to the north without stopping even once. Their goal was to utilize their organizational efficiency to react more quickly.

Under the cover of night, everyone finally arrived at the mountain.

They could tell that this mountain was much taller than the stone mountain they were previously at. The rock face of the mountain was covered with lush, green vegetation, making it seem quite picturesque.

Just as they were about to enter the restricted area, Ji Ruoyu suddenly said, “Careful, there’s some kind of powerful void energy here.”

“Powerful void energy here? What’s it used for? Killing someone? Transportation? Or something else?” Qi Weiyan asked.

“No, that’s not it.” Ji Ruoyu shook his head.

He reached out and closed his eyes, using his heart to feel the void...

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