Chapter 165: Two More

Chapter 165: Two More

For the next period of time, the human students reused this ploy over and over, either baiting their opponents in or searching the surroundings for Ferocious Race targets.

The Ferocious Race was completely out of luck.

Because they lacked an effective organized system, the Ferocious Race was always completely outnumbered, and they were captured in waves.

This made everyone extremely happy; they would have preferred to continue doing this over and over again.

Unfortunately, there were only so many Ferocious Race youths, and they were all spread out in the vast ruins. Finding them really wasn’t that easy.

In reality, killing them wasn’t extremely difficult, but finding the Ferocious Race youths took the most time.

Even with Zhao Xin’s eagle eye, finding these Ferocious Race youths still took a significant amount of time and energy.

In the first day of hunting, they managed to find six waves of Ferocious Race youths and succeeded four times, capturing a total of six Ferocious Race youths....

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